Beware of Chronic Ulcer Symptoms and Complications

Symptoms of chronic gastritis are symptoms of gastric disorders that occur repeatedly and over a long period of time. In addition to abdominal pain in the upper part, here are some other symptoms of chronic ulcers to watch out for, as well as complications that can occur. Chronic gastritis or also called chronic gastritis is a digestive disorder caused by inflammation of the stomach wall that appears slowly and develops over a long period of time. Generally, chronic ulcers are caused by the side effects of certain drugs or consuming alcoholic beverages for a long time, infections, often stressed, suffering from certain diseases such as diabetes and kidney failure, and disorders of the immune system that cause inflammation of the stomach wall. Symptoms of chronic heartburn generally resemble the symptoms that occur in dyspepsia, gastritis, or even gastric ulcer. Chronic Heartburn Symptoms You Need To Know Symptoms of chronic heartburn commonly experienced, include: Abdominal pai
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